Jake Roberts (Alive)

Aurelian Smith, Jr. [1955 - Present]

Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Pro wrestler Jake Roberts

The son of former wrestler, "Grizzly" Smith, Jake "The Snake" Roberts made his professional wrestling debut in 1975, joined the infamous "Legion of Doom" in 1983 and repeatedly struck fear in his opponents, especially with his finishing move, the DDT. He would then place a live snake on his defeated opponent (usually it was a Burmese Python named "Damien"). Roberts also claimed that he got his nickname from Ken "The Snake" Stabler, who was quarterback for the Oakland Raiders during the 1970s. During the mid to late 80s, Roberts entered into entertaining feuds with the likes of Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, "Ravishing" Rick Rude and Andre the Giant (whom he defeated by disqualification at WrestleMania V in 1989). The 1999 professional wrestling documentary, Beyond the Mat, featured an unflattering portrayal of Roberts. In December 2007, Roberts reportedly entered into a rehab program.

Tony C. - 2016-07-09 00:16:23

I watched the Resurrection of Jake the Snake Roberts tonight 07/08/16. The many talks of the show with D.D.Page and Razor Ramon, touched on self determination and hard work,never give up values with great Love for family and man kind.It will Never fail if you work hard, believe in yourself,praise GOD. Never be afraid to ask for help, and always help and share with others. P. S. One day at a time !!!

Hank Adams - 2014-05-12 13:52:49

Jake the snake has cancer behind his nee cap

Anonymous - 2014-04-30 21:32:22

The snake is still alive

alan b - 2014-03-23 12:40:35

my roommate was woundering if the snake was alive or not.

Anonymous - 2014-01-07 16:37:51

I thought he was dead

Anonymous - 2014-01-06 23:43:36

Jake the snake is alive and well...

proudpappa33@gmail.com - 2013-02-13 11:58:40

Some of the greatest demons can turn into angels but like wrestling its if u want to just make all the money and not be excessable or make 20 bucks and see where u stand Jake deserves respect because he needs himself to lead the right path I know boys im doing it for my two boys and for me

Anonymous - 2013-01-23 21:41:05


Edge - 2012-09-20 10:02:46

So sad how the mighty have fallen. Life on the road is hard and it takes many prisoners. Sadly Jake was one of those. Hope he's straight, but the demons are strong and few, who've been to the dark side, come back. Best of luck to Jake.

mrmiller4567@gmail.com - 2012-09-03 22:58:19

I would like to know when can my wife and I get the chance to meet Mr. Roberts and Damien here in Milwaukee Wi. We are major fans of fake Roberts

Dj - 2012-08-10 00:24:31

I heared he was a good wrester!

PICKLE - 2011-11-14 12:48:38


C.J - 2011-08-30 19:28:15

Triple H C.O.O Of WWE ,That Day Is Not Near,But You Know It Will Come when You Look at Your Self In the Mirror,The day Is Coming when You Will Want To Hang Up Your Wrestling Boot's and Tight's In the WWE Hall Of Fame,That Day is Coming For You Some Day,You(TRIPLE H the Game),Your Day's In Wrestling Are Numbered,But JAKE THE SNAKE ROBERT'S,His Time Is Already UP,Jake Robert's want To Die With Honer and Glory,Buy Before He Die's and is an Afterthought,You Triple H Must Allow Him To Be Inducted Into the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame,That Day Is Coming For You Triple H,It Already Came for Hulk Hogan,Andrea,Harley Race,Eddie,Big John Studd,Stu Hart,Bret Hart,Dusty,and It Might Come For Randy Savage,It Will Never Come For CHRIS(you Know Who),Do NOT Allow Jake Robert's To DIE WITHOUT HONER Restored To His Life,That Might Be You(Triple H) Some Day If You Are Not Careful,Honer Jake Robert's,Do Not Allow Him To Be Disgraced Any Longer. P.S You Are Not GOD,But You Are GOOD And KIND.

C.Bob - 2011-05-24 18:32:35

Who should Induct Jake Roberts Into the 2012 WWE Hall Of Fame,Other than his First and Greatest Rivel,RICKY THE DRAGON STEAMBOAT,I Suppose in the Latter Years of the WWE Hall of Fame,Jake Roberts Should Induct(The Late)Randy Macho Man Savage,Do IT Jake Roberts,Its the Right Thing to Do.Since Hulk Hogan is To Busy to Induct Randy Savage Himself.

DEBRAJEFFERS - 2011-04-29 20:31:59


Andrew - 2011-03-30 20:14:54

Always remember the Four forefarthers of the WWE versus WCW Era,1. Jake Roberts,2. Steve Austin,3. Triple H,and the 4. Undertaker(Mark Calloway) ,Without them VINCE MCMAHON,The WWE(WWF)(Not The WCW) would have Died in the Monday Night War's, SO INDUCT JAKE THE SNAKE ROBERTS into the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame Already,You Own him alot for not Turning his back on the WWF(WWE)when you need Him the Most,without Him Austin 3:16 would mean nothing,You sold Austin 3:16 T Shirt by the Tons and Tons,You have Payback Jake Robert's by putting Him(Jake Robert') into the 2012 WWE Hall Of Fame,Please Do It,Never Forget what he Did for the WWF(WWE),He Did Not Turn his Back on the WWF,You, The WWE Turned your back On Jake The Snake Robert's. Pay Him Back already.

C.J BOB - 2011-03-08 20:21:17

I Hope that Jake The Snake Roberts is in the 2012 WWE HALL OF FAME,I Hope your Legend is Never Forgotten,I Miss the Days of Hulk Hogan,Big Boss Man,and Jake The Snake Roberts,I will never forget you Jake Roberts.

ecrub - 2010-09-04 13:39:38

Jake has always been my favorite wresler. Loved the feud he had with my uncle Rick Martel. Won't ever forget seeing him live vs. Ricky Steamboat in snakepit death match. And even with him and Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Rick Rude and Andre The Giant. Still have a poster of him in my room.

Ernie - 2010-08-24 13:29:02

Sad news: Jake's Dad, Aurelian "Grizzly" Smith, passed away a few months ago.

Ernie - 2010-05-12 09:03:27

Not that many people know that Jake has two siblings in pro wrestling: his half-brother Sam Houston (real name: Michael Smith) from WCCW and former WWF and AWA female wrestler Rockin' Robin (Robin Smith), who is Jake's half-sister (Grizzly's children from another marriage). For all Jake's abilities in the ring, he's always had problems dealing with life and staying sober. I have no idea whether Jake is sober now but I certainly hope that at the very least he's able to maintain a less strained relationship with his children and family.

Joe S. - 2010-02-18 19:18:46

I remember when Jake had such cool microphone skills, that he used to end his commentaries with:" How can anyone who look so good, be so bad?" It's a shame that he is living in poverty nowadays.