The Great Muta (Alive)

Keiji Muto [1962 - Present]

Pro wrestler The Great Muta

Japanese professional wrestling legend Keiji Muto gained international fame in the 1990s as The Great Muta by expanding on some of the unconventional methods used by his predecessor, The Great Kabuki, such as spitting red or green mist into his opponents' faces and wearing some seriously intimidating face paint and masks. In one of his most memorable matches vs. Hiroshi Hase in 1992, The Great Muta lost so much blood that he inspired "The Muta Scale," which was from then on used to judge how much a professional wrestler bleeds during a match.

ecrub - 2010-09-04 13:55:35

By far my favorite Japanese wrestler of all-time. I hated it when he put on all that weigh while still in the WCW and it took away his high-flying ability. Probably the best high-flyer of all-time.