Umaga (Dead)

Eddie Fatu [1973 - 2009]

Pro wrestler Umaga

A member of the Anao'i wrestling family, Eddie Fatu was trained by his uncles Afa and Sika, the Wild Samoans.  After a few years of working developmental territories and some dark WWF matches, he had a run in the WWE as part of the tag team 3 Minute Warning.  He would return to the WWE in 2005 as Umaga.   Umaga feuded with wrestlers like John Cena and Triple H and was crowned Intercontinental Champion twice. Umaga left WWE in July 2009 over Wellness Policy issues.  He suffered a heart attack and died on December 4, 2009.

adriana - 2013-06-12 21:07:23

i can't belive he was on drugs

Michael - 2013-02-02 19:10:03

Very sory i don't even no dat umaga is dead any tym am watching match i will be loocking 4 him b4 i had dat he is dead well God no's d best RIP umaga

dando - 2012-12-11 13:17:02

I wish you were still here kicking butt but i guess your not you have my respect RIP

Josh - 2012-07-31 16:58:07

Isreal, nothing u said made any sense. im sure nobody could understand anything u said.

Israel Collazo Jr. - 2012-03-14 11:25:30

hye everybody and wrestling fans so you know and theres no confusion umaga (aka Eddie Fatu) did died suffering a 2nd and two heart attacks first he suffrered one and end up having a second one so yeah he did have a heart attacks (x2) he suffered two heart attacks, I know this cuz I watch a lot of WWE wrestling but I didnt really think WWE anouns umagas death on tv like they did with Eddie Guerrero (RIP) with the 10 counts of bells gong of respect for eddie Guerrero but now these year of 2012 eddie guerrero's wife Vicky Guerrero is still with WWE as a Manager to wrestlers like (Edge,Big show, both Edge&Big Show, La Family Stable pervious years) and now in the presents in 2012 now manages her own little stable managing two wrestlers so Far Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler, but early years that vicky Guerreo was with doplh ziggler back in the pervious years beofre edge retired from a injury while vicky Guerrero was in a realationship WITH DOLPH ZIGGLER as boyfriend and girlfriend with dolph ziggler fued with Edge and mulitple matches for the WWE World Heavyweight championship but later edge won it back but then soon enough after the match dolph ziggler Got fired while Edge was celbrating his championship win and singing na na na hey hey song to dolph ziggler when getting fired in Friday night smackdown by Genral Manager Teddy long,but later in the years vicky Guerrero Brought dolph ziggler back from getting fired as a new in proof dolph ziggler with a new haircut (That was into a burnet brown color hair) and new wrestling gear but then later he changed the color back in too blond, so now later on in the years now today 2012 dolph ziggler still with vickie GUerrero but witha stable partner now jack swagger a former mulitple champion (ECW,World Heavyweight etc.) but recently won the United states championship from zack ryder that beat dolph ziggler 1 0n 1 in a PPV match and was United states champion for a while in. til Santino Marella had the OPertunity and a chance for a united states championship match, and soon enough won the matcg plus the united states champion and was celebrating after in tears of joy but then later on friday night smackdown was the Rematch between Santino Marella (c) united states champion vs Jack swagger in a Rematch but in a Cage Match but sense companying jack swagger in ring side dolph ziggler and vicky Guerrero , then dolph ziggler ( A former Interconental,United states, and a short rain as heavyweight champion before getting Fired after the a Tittle match against Edge before Edge's Retirement) was trynna cost santion the match and the championship for jack swagger but then was force too leave ringside cuz parently holding his palm of his hand or arm or whatever feeling like it was in injury for santinos cobra from inside the cage match so , it was only elft vicky Guerrero, taht was trynna get jack swagger to win the match and the united states championship, but then while santino was trynna escape the cage threw the door vicky Guerrerow as aruging and yelling at wwe Aficial Refree and think she was gonan hit santino in the head with the cage door to make santino lose the match and the champiosnhip while satino trynna escape the cage jack swagger grabbed him quickly into his finister submission the ankle lock (grabbing the persons leg submission) but then santino was trynna get outta it vicky Guerrero with ther cage door thinking she was gonan hit santino in the ehad witht he cage metal door she accidently hit her wrestler jack swagger in the head and then santino Marella won the match and retains the United states tittle and (c) today 2012 is still united sates champion today for Friday night smackdown and clearly known right now in 2012 as a Assitant to firdya night smackdown General Manager Teddy Long. You Can Follow WWE,FridayNight Smackdown and MOnday night raw and WWE and both brands and plus wwe commentarys on Twiiter by using #Smackdown and #Raw and If you wanna follow Both Gm's of Raw and smackdown today in 2012 follow them @GmSmackdown (Teddy Long) and @WWERawGm or follow the WWE Commentarys @JerryLawler @BookerT5x @MichaelCole @wwejoshmathews by using the #Smackdown and #Raw.

antonio cage - 2011-10-21 12:24:35


Buffbodz - 2011-10-20 14:03:16

Umaga was one tough sonofabitch. I can't agree with Duncan, as All the good Samoan wrestlers got good pushes. The problem was that when the WWE wants a champion that people can ethically relate to. Bruno had all the Italians going crazy for him, Pedro had the Ricans, Shamus the Irish. Even The Miz has the young "Jersey Shore" crew behind him. As good as the Samoan and Tonga wrestlers were, they just couldn't draw enough of their of own. Great tag teams, but very tough to keep a Samoan at #1, no mater how great his athletic skills were.

Mohd.Ali2002 - 2011-09-06 07:10:55

Johncena is so stupid i wish he was not in wwe We love u umaga and miss u R.I.P(Rest in peace

curtesia - 2011-01-24 21:53:27

in remembernce of umaga the best wrestler we miss u and lov u umaga R.I.P[THAT MEAN REST IN PEACE]

Duncan S. Jackson - 2010-12-11 14:41:41

I don't suppose any of you remember the SST (Samoan Swat Team)? Samu & Fatu? Of course not. You were all running behind Hogan thinking he was the greatest thing since sliced bread when the real action was in WCW. Call him what you will, but Umaga was probably his greatest incarnation, and as far as I am concerned his heritage is not that of a wrestling family so much as a wrestling DYNASTY. Rikishi once said the "Island boys don't get much respect when it comes to world championships." Think about it. The Rock has been the only person with any Samoan heritage to win a major championship (well, if you don't count Samoa Joe. And who does?). But let that not lessen what this great family of wrestlers has contributed to the sport. Umaga will be missed.

Jacob Taylor - 2010-11-07 13:01:49

I always thought he would die but not OVERdosing on priscription drugs.Umaga (Eddie Fatu) was a great wrestler,along with his brother Rikishi.Eddie Fatu,will be missed

dave sirko - 2010-07-23 22:58:02

i thought umaga ws an awsome wrestler he willbe truly missed

SLM, Sean Mansfield - 2010-06-08 15:24:22

I thought He died from a heart attack?

c dawg rey rey fan - 2010-06-05 06:57:01

umaga WAS awesome.