Roddy Piper (Dead)
Roderick George Toombs [1953 - 2015]
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"Rowdy" Roddy Piper
"Hot Rod"

With his insane antics in and out of the ring, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper was truly one of the most entertaining wrestlers of all time. Piper was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2005.

"One of the greatest moments of my career was when I challenged Roddy for the WWF Intercontinental title at WrestleMania VIII in Indianapolis. We'd never really had any matches together, and to have one this big, in the sold-out Hoosierdome, plus millions more watching live around the world on Pay-Per-View, was going to be a challenge. Roddy had an indifference to pain, working as hard as anyone I ever knew, and at WrestleMania VII I knew he bore the brunt of it for me. To win the Intercontinental title from my mentor was an amazing accomplishment for me." —Bret "The Hitman" Hart, foreword to In the Pit With Piper, 2002.

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he came here to do two things... - 2009-01-06 20:42:52

chew bubble gum and kick some a$$ and he's all out of bubble gum

BIGBEN - 2009-12-15 22:31:39

A truly great wrestler and a great actor.. This was a time that you couldn't pull me away from the t.v. set till i saw who was gonna get it on Piper's Pit

Ernie - 2010-02-18 00:29:26

"Just when they think they got all the answers, I change the questions!" Simply amazing. A man who was a perfect pro wrestler. When he was a heel, he was the MOST hated heel in the business, and when he was a face EVERYBODY loved the guy. That, my friends, is the very essence of what you call "ring psychology".

Joe S. - 2010-02-18 10:49:01

"Just when you think you have all the answers...I change the questions!" Roddy Piper on his show:"Piper's Pit"

anonymous - 2011-10-19 07:43:04

Roddy Piper was one of the true hometown greats. He wrestled out of the Pacific Northwest (Don Owens productions) and became the star he was. When Vince M ask him to go to the WWE, Roddy had a clause in his contract, letting him continue to wrestle for Owens a couple of times a year. Several years ago, someone tried to get portland wrestling going again and Roddy assisted in part to shine a light on the local high school wrestling programs and get people involved.

michael woods - 2012-05-31 22:58:27

wow rowdy roddy piper the uncrowned world heavyweight champion in my eyes because hes my favorite wrestler of all time both as a bad guy and good guy, i loved him he was hard to beat in his day and he can beat ric flair any day and should have been world champion not because he wasn,t good enough he just never had a clean shot at it if he ever got ric flair in a cage when flair was world champion no doubt piper would have taken the nwa title but he will always be a world champion in my eyes i remember his fued with greg the hammer valentine awesome matches i miss him and wish he was as good now as he was back then but age catches us all sooner or later but hot rod you worked hard you deserve to spend the rest of your life with ur family but you,ll always be in my memories

titch - 2014-04-19 09:13:17

Mr Entertainment. Embodied everything a pro wrestler should be.

Heather - 2015-08-01 23:23:15

So sad to see another hero fall!!!

Jodie - 2015-08-03 21:33:11

So so sad to see this awesome legend has passed away. RIP Hot Rod.